Sunday, 15 November 2009

Some Prussians - all arms

I've been painting and basing these guys for some time. The Dragoons are by AB, the Uhlans and Landwher cavalry are by Warmodelling (Fantassin). I can't fault the AB's (apart from my painting) but I'm not too pleased with the quality of the fantassin range so far. The fantassin poses are ok but the metal job leaves a bit to be desired, some parts such as sword hilts were not fully formed.

  here we have a group shot of the uhlans (yellow and blue pennants) and the landwher

close up of Uhlans, based on 60 x 40 stands.

close up of Landwher - all were easy enough to paint, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much.

another regiment of uhlans

The Dragoons

Some line arty (AB), I have a bag of Old Glory prussian guns that need painting up.

Some AB landwher infantr, these are on 30 x 30 bases, you can comfortably get 6 marching castings in place.

Here we have two basings sizes, my new 40 x 30 style and the old 30 x 30. I have a mixed bunch of based Prussians, all the French are all on 40 x 30.

The bases are MDF from East Riding Miniatures


  1. Hi Ken,
    Man you have been busy. Very nice looking units. Especially like the Prussians :-)

  2. Hi Paul,

    For a while I was doing one cavalry unit in about week or two infantry units. Past few months have been productive but there are times when I dont paint a thing.