Thursday, 24 December 2009

December update


After a very long delay I've posted some pictures of terrain and the lead pile. December has been very quiet on the painting front because a good friend of mine took ill and died. It was a complete shock and he did not suffer too much. However, as they say life goes on.

Here are some pictures of river sections I painted with the help of my kids. I didn't want to spend too much on terrain but didn't want to use blue felt because I dont like the look of it. I was looking at one of the blogs I follow blog and the guy used these hexs for roads and rivers. So you can basically create your own multi-shape roads and rivers. They are a bit rough and ready but do the trick for me!
Here are some with a ruler to gauge their size.

here they all are again with a base of infantry

Here we have assorted trees - I bought a big bag from modelzone (Newcastle, UK) for £15 a couple  of years ago. I chopped them up and pruned them back to get different sizes. Thet are based on poker chips (as are my command figures), I got a box of a hundred or so for £2 from ASDA.

I also bought some other trees from  my local hobby shop a while back, these can be seen on the far right - they aren't too good compared with the modelzone ones.

Below is the lead pile and below the lead pile is a batch of three french line units partially painted.

 Below is a batch of 20 french line lancers and 20 french chassuers cheval, these have just been primed using GW chaos black spray. I think I prefer Vallejo black spray primer as it has a better matte finish. I only got the chaos black becuase my modelzone ran out of vallejo primer. The GW chaos black is a bit too shiney and some paints dont stick well to it.

 Here is a close up of a lancer (AB figures), for painting purposes I blue tack them to milk bottle tops. As you have probably seen from the other pictures I use the giant craft lollipop sticks for the infantry - which rather neatly accomodate 8 figures, which is the number I use to a base.

Well, I guess thats about it for the moment.




  1. Hi Ken,
    Glad to see someone else has a lead pile resembling my own.

    Have a great festive Season and I look forward to seeing your line lancers all finished.
    Best regards

  2. Hey, great looking hex terrain! I'm glad you found my blog useful. Great looking minis too. I appreciate the blog referral.

    Happy gaming from your friend at