Wednesday, 4 August 2010

10mm infantry basing

Just trying to decide the size of the bases for my infantry, they will be in two ranks irrespective of nationality. As you can see I can squeeze 8 Redline on a 30x15. Could probably make it 10 figures. Some old glory old guard infantry arrived today (yet to take pictures) and I can easily get two strips of 5 on a 30x15 base.

I've also tried seeing what a 40x15 stand looks like also, will comfortably fit 10 Redline figures but can take 16 old glory figures.


  1. Hi Ken,
    I definately prefer them in a block as to the strip of figures for movement.

    What are other wargamers doing with their basing?

    I have got to get myself some 10mm Napoleonics!

  2. I think some have gone for triple ranks and these look very blocky.

    Peeler, has done this.

    Lord Ashram is probably closest to my ideas on basing, but I'll have a smaller base.

    As I say building up a 10mm army is to reduce the footprint of my units on the table and hopefully fight bigger battles.


  3. Hi Ken, just joined, outstanding Blog I must say! The problem of basing - it's a personal thing, you must just decide- it is hard!- and go with your preference. I went with mine to show the difference in frontage with 2/3 ranks, but have been thinking for some time of rebasing (about 8,000 figures)into single Btn bases of a 4"x1" base, to take 40 OG figures (they come in 1" strips of 5 figures each). If you are using single figures, then you have a lot more choice, and thus more possibilities to decide on. It's always difficult isn't it!

  4. Cheers Peeler, it is tough! - your bases do look nice of conveying that massed look. However, the more I think of it the more I'm convinced to go down the route of double ranks for all armies on smaller bases.

    The main reason is to have smaller depth of units, so I can easily place reserve battalions a bit back (given the size of my kitchen table). This would be to have two strips on a 30x15 base with two bases for a battalion.

    The old glory strips of five do look the business!

    At the moment I've just been buying selections of various manufacturers to see what I like.