Monday, 15 November 2010

Prussian Reserve Infantry

These guys have been sitting on my desk for ages. I got the kids to paint the greyjackest and the off-white trousers. I know these regiments were mainly all in grey but I wanted a more interesting combination and satisfy myself that these used landwehr issue trousers! They will also double up as Landwehr since I'm short of these troops also.

The figures are from Fantassin (warmodelling), I like all the poses apart from the guy with one leg in the air. The sculpts are not too bad but I think the figures were cast in a hurry. The different poses in a unit make for a ragged ill-disciplined look which I like.

Based as usual on 40x30 MDF, with 8 figures to stand and 4 stands in a 'unit', stuck on with 'no-more-nails', painted and grassed.


  1. Really nice Ken,
    I wish I could knock off a unit that fast,
    Great work by the kids as well.

    Here do you need any more 10mm Naps? I for some unknown reason picked up a small army of Pendraken (and some other manufacture MagMin?) French at a show on Saturday. Loads of infantry, some cavalry and artillery and loads of command.

  2. Thanks for the kind offer Paul but they'd never get painted. I'll stick to 18mm since I have almost 'completed' two armies.

    Was this an impulse buy?

  3. Hi Ken,
    Yeah it sure was an impulse buy!!!!

    I hadn't see a thing I wanted and all I had bought was army painter!
    It's no probs I'll just put them on ebay and let them run.