Friday, 27 January 2012

71st Glasgow Highland

AB figures but the flags are by Fighting15s. The pattern on the shakos was a devil to do and I'm not satisfied with the results but I'm not redoing them.Pictures were taken by my daughter Sarah!


  1. The look great - and don't forget how much they're magnified in the photo (which are shot well by your daughter, I might add). I did them in 28mm (Old Glory Lights) and the shako band was not that easy - in 15/18mm - very impressive! Best, Dean

  2. The look very good to me too Ken. Hold them at arms length and if they look ok then, then they are OK. Nice photos.

  3. Nice work as usual, Hey Ken did you hear that AB is doing 1815 British infantry, Cavalry and art etc? I have 2 of the infantry units that I got from AB here. they are very nice! I don't know how I got them as I was thinking they would come with the old shako's but they have the late war ones on...

  4. Thanks for the kind words - I am critical of my own work because I can the flaws in my painting close to but as Rodger says from two feet away they look fine!

    RazorOne - interesting news about the new AB figure range, Paul had told me about these and its created quite a stir on TMP and other sites. I'll keep my eyes open for them on the Fighting15s website.

    Sarah was pleased by your compliment Dean! I think I'll get her to take all the photos from now on.