Friday, 27 July 2012

The Duke of Brunswick

Here we have Duke Frederick William, the brave commander of the Brunswick contingent and his is 2nd in command General Olfermann. These are figures by Campaign Game Miniatures. There was a third mounted figure in the pack from CGM, this was a hussar ADC who will be used as the colonel of the Leib regiment.

The Dukes father led the Prussian army in 1806 where he was killed at the battle of Auerstadt. After a whirlwind campaign Prussia was defeated. However, in 1809 the Dukes son led his army into Brunswick but they were driven out. After a series of marches he led his men through Germany where they were eventually picked up the Royal Navy and taken to England.

These men fought for Wellington in Spain and then after Napoleon returned in 1815 the Duke offered his services to Wellington again. The Brunswickers fought at Quatre-Bras where unfortunately the Duke was killed rallying his men. A sad end to a brave man.


  1. They are nice figures Ken,
    Will fit in well with your OG units.

    What did you think of the figures yourself?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks lads. The CGM infantry figures are quite nice but the cavalry leaves a bit to be desired. I have a couple of units of dutch/belgian hussras to paint, lets see how they turn out.