Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Brunswick Foot Artillery

Just a couple of CGM guns and crew, the only noteworthy comment is that the howitzer from this manufacturer is rather small (in my opinion). although, probably not that noticeable in the pictures. I'll need some Brunswick lancers/hussars to complete this division.


  1. Great looking guns - the howitzer looks great too. Dean

  2. Nicely painted Ken,
    I have the whole lot by old glory but fear I'll probably not get round to them. The lancers are my favourite unit from the Brunswickers so look forward to seeing them done!

  3. Now there is something you don't see everyday, Brunswick artillery. Great job too Ken!

  4. Thank you chaps. I may get AB Austrian or Warmodeling Austrian lancers to stand in for Brunswick. The CGM Brunswickers dont look to good.