Monday, 29 July 2013

Russian Bielostock & Narva Regiments

At some point in time, (next year!) I would like to refight the France 1814 campaign. However, I don't have any Russians! So I 've made a small start with these OG 15mm battalions, I have another four to paint up. The OOB battle won't be too accurate as so far I've just selected those regiments with the pretty flags. I've gone for the 1803 style inspection with a coloured flag and a white flag pair for each unit, these are by Maverick models. I've ordered some more flags for the Grenadier battalions but for variety these will be the 1797 variations.

My first two regiments are Bielostock and Narva. The OG figures are Ok, these are supposed to be march attack but is more like road march to me (I've seen french 1809 figures in this pose called road march)  but I'll stick to Warmodelling for the grenadiers and Pavlov guards. Possibly using AB command figures.


  1. They look nice Ken,
    Yeah I have some of these guys and they certainly look like their in a hurry! You no doubt will be adding some Russian artillery to. Very handy on the table!

  2. Great looking units Ken. The inclusion of the mounted officer is a really nice touch.

  3. Yes, I do like to use the mounted officers from the command sets in an actual unit. The OG horses look like dogs and would be a bit odd on a command base.