Thursday, 21 November 2013

Prussian Dragoons

I bought a shed load of Prussian cavalry a few years back and never got round to painting them all up. Here is the 8th Prussian Dragoons, a unit that saw action in the hundred days. They have yellow facings and I was damned sure that a second regiment had yellow facings also but no - I checked one of the online resources and only the 8th had yellow, never mind! These are AB figures and the flags are from Fighting15s and I'm not even sure if the flags are for these specific regiments. However, I'm happy enough with them.

I have about 3 x 12 man regiments of landwehr cavalry and 2 x 12 man regiments of uhlans primed and waiting. I already partly painted the Lithuanian dragoons.  I guess I'll complete the Lithuanians and start on more Russian units. Otherwise 1814 will not happen.


  1. Lovely work Ken, these dragoons are beautiful!

  2. Really nice! I had some of these a while ago, but gave them away in a fit of generosity. I must have been mad!

  3. Nicely done Ken, sounds like a lot of cavalry on the way!!!

  4. Thanks very much for the kind comments lads. Gary, I feel your pain!