Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Mexican Infantry #2

These are OG British Boer war figures (CBB03 advancing) 36 figures to a unit, the big difference between these and any other battalion I've painted is that they are individually based. I felt basing them in groups of six was maybe a bit too Napoleonic in style. However, as you can see further down I've left my options open and have made six bases each accommodating six figures - basically each base is a sandwich of metal on one side (for the figures to stick on) and magnetic material the other side so it fits safely in the storage box for transportation. I got the idea from World2Dave, who is using a similar scheme but he has added sand and other basing materials to his - I've just left mine painted plain brown. They are quite drab uniforms but that is the effect I was after - they are brightened up a bit by the flash/badge on the left side of the helmet. They all have the same badge but the next unit will have a mixture.

At least this way I can use these figures for Sharp Practice if I get the chance! Just one more battalion to do then I'm done!


  1. These Old Glory figures look very good!

  2. Great looking Mexican troops; the single basing is good as it still allows you to form them in units with movement trays.

  3. Please stop with these beautiful units, so tempting to me! Excellent job Ken...

  4. Very nice again Ken! Look forward to seeing them all in a few weeks.

    A FEW WEEKS!!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!

  5. Thanks chaps - the OG range can be a bit hit or miss with the poses but the Boer war range seems ok, nothing too acrobatic!

    I look forward to seeing your miniatures also Andy!