Thursday, 12 November 2015

Back into action?

It's been several months since I last touched the brush and paint, it was July to be precise when I completed my last unit. For some reason I've just been unable to paint anything, no motivation at all. However, I've been very active on the gaming front, I've played three games of Blucher at the club and many, many more games such as Spearhead, Deadmans hand, Saga, and play tested several times a rule set called BattleFactor.

Well in order to rekindle my interest in painting I've bought in some Perry and Front Rank Hundred Years War figures (28mm). Maybe I need a change from Napoleonic crossbelts and blue coats.  I've heard some good things about the Lion Rampant rules and so have started to build up a retinue. Rather than build an imaginations unit I've went for 100 years war french army. So I've primed some Perry infantry with the large shields (Pavises). I was attracted to these when I saw the absolutely stunning Little Big Men transfers for the french militia. 

Fingers crossed I can complete these figures very soon and then maybe get back into churning out the figures like I used too!


  1. Paint what motivates you! A HYW project sounds great!

  2. I hope your new project gets your creative juices flowing again. In my experience highs and lows and dry periods are part of the creative cycle.
    I'm sure you'll have some exciting work to show here soon.

  3. Good to see you back Ken, I've been interested in these figures for a while so will be keen to see how you do them! I picked up some 15mm donnington HYW figures. Plan to do a little couple of armies at some point.

  4. Good news, waiting for more Ken...

  5. Well done Ken, looking forward to seeing these.

  6. Thanks for the kind words guys. As I type this I'm about to start on the HYW project!