Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Whats next?

Took a few photo's of my next units. First in line will be some Prussian artillery, mainly Old Glory with two Warmodelling cannons. After that will be two units of French hussars (1st and 4th), these are AB's and I have colour coded the milk bottle tops so not to mix them up, as I have sorted the poses for each unit. After these are completed I will commence two units of British AB peninsular infantry. These can all be seen primed black and waiting for a few licks of vallejo! Incidently, I'm now using GW Chaos black primer, this has a slight sheen to it and you can easily make out the smallest of detatils - I found the vallejo black primer made it a bit harder to see the details as it was matte.


  1. If only I new you were doing British peninsular!

    Hi Ken, I just traded away a battalion of the very guys you are doing (and some schirmishers) for battle honours!. I could have traded you for some of your French spares, Such is life.

    You're fairly churning out the figures now Ken. Holiday break by any chance? I'm back to work so everything is slow with my painting.

  2. Ha! thats the way it goes. Although I'm concentrating on getting my Prussian & French armies sorted first I still fancied building up some British forces for the peninsula and 100 days. Yeah, I've got a few Old Glory French Inf left so you never know.

    What with the snow etc over the holidays I've made a fair bit of progress over the last few days.