Wednesday, 25 May 2011

French Dragoons

I'd thought I post a couple of pics of the 48 French dragoons that are currently underway. I got bored with the Prussians and fancied some horsemen instead. I've set myself a task and hope to pull out the stops and complete these by the weekend.The facings will be pink and scarlet.


  1. Looking good so far! I've painted a pink faced Dragoon before, Its such a great colour to use and stands out excellently!!

  2. Great start Ken. Looking forward to seeing this take shape. Do you like painting cavalry with rider attached?


  3. Good start, how do you attach the mini's to the caps? I always use wide Popsicle sticks and mount say 7-8 infantry per stick and 3-4 Cavalry per stick and I use a sticky tack type white glue to attach the mini's to the sticks.

  4. Thanks guys. Ray you cant beat pink! It wasn't a girly colour in those days.

    Ljr70,lets say I gotten used to painting with rider attached. If I do paint them separate I find I lose paint during the gluing process on my sticky hands.

    RazorOne, I use use blue tack for infantry and cavalry (white tack these days now) I dont know what it's called in the states but its like a putty substance. Its available in every stationary shop.

    I did try using PVA glue but it was a job getting them off the giant popsicle sticks.



  5. So Ken hows it going? Making progress or watching Man U.? ;-)