Saturday, 27 April 2013

Mexican Line Infantry #2

This is 2nd line regiment of Old Glory figures,these are the same figures I painted with white jackets and red trousers (advancing poses). Again I have 4 stands based for skirmishing but I just found out yesterday that only 2 stands of skirmishers are allowed by the rules but that's ok. I've used the Morelos flag for these guys which means they are the 1st regiment. I'm quite pleased the way they painted up.

This time I painted an actual light company and given them yellow collars and pom-poms, the Mexican army was styled on the French as Santa Ana was a great fan of Napoleon!

We received the OOB and rules from Tim the Ayton gamesmaster yesterday and I also noticed that everybody has brought 12 lb Napoleon cannons which makes my 6 lb'ers look a bit under powered. Never mind, I hope this affair will be settled by cold steel!

 I'm just finishing off the two command bases and the last unit which is militia battalion #3.


  1. Great looking troops. I could see those doubling as Spanish for Peninsular. Best, Dean

  2. Fantastic work on those troops, I like the colors very much!!

  3. Great stuff again Ken. Look forward to seeing them next week!

  4. Another excellent looking unit Ken!

  5. Thank you very much for your kind comments. I never thought of the Peninsular campaign..a flag change and there you are. thanks Dean!