Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mexican Presidial Lancers

Here we have some Old Glory 25mm Presidial lancers, these fought at the Alamo and the Mexican war of 1846 when the USA invaded. Duties included scouting, Indian fighting and general battlefield charging about! They painted up nice and easy, the faces weren't too bad to do. Mexican Flag is by battle flag and the lance pennants were made out of printer paper, cut to size and painted red. They are a bit big but hey this Mexico where nothing can be too flamboyant! These are for the big game at Ayton in early May.


  1. Great looking figures Ken, this is a period I'd really like to paint up again. I did have some Mex-American wars figures years ago, but like an idiot sold them all!!

  2. Great and colorful...very nice work!

  3. Thanks Guys!

    I might sell these after the game.....