Thursday, 29 August 2013


Well, 12 of them.

I fancied doing something a bit different this time and decided upon a unit of Warmodelling (Fantasin) cossacks. There are 4-5 poses in all and unfortunately I'm not entirely satisfied with either the sculpts or my paint job. The lances are sticking out at odd angles making basing them a bit of a problem i.e. lances sticking over the bases and preventing them from lining up flush. They seem to be a mix of Don cossacks and Ural? cossacks. I painted the lances an brown-red colour to distinguish them from the line units.

I have a bag of Old Glory 15mm Prussian Landwehr (lances) cavalry in caps which will suffice to make  another unit of cossacks. I've had these for a while and was going to sell them, lead snobbery set in as I painted up more and more AB's. However, A Google search shows they are remarkably similar to the Don cossacks, the OG cavalry are a bit smaller than AB and Warmodelling which is historically plausible as the cossacks were mounted on smaller ponies compared with the line regiments. I guess I'll also need some suitable Cossack banners for them as well.

No Russian army is complete without these chaps for their great skill in skirmishing, reconnaissance and generally harassing the enemy!


  1. Well done with these Cossacks!

  2. Nice painting Ken,
    they look very nice figures to. I'm not sure if its snobbery Ken? when you start painting more AB's (especially cavalry) you just sort of realise how much more enjoyable they are to clean up and paint.

    I got into AB figs late as to have a good size of collection they become very expensive.

    Keep 'em coming...

  3. Thanks, Phil and Paul.

    Yes, it's an expensive game were in!