Friday, 9 August 2013

Guard Red Lancers

These took a while to complete as there is a lot of detail here and there. The figures are AB's and the flag is by Maverick Models. Usually, my cavalry units are 12 strong but I've made the guard units 18 man since they  were large units of just under a thousand troopers. I've painted them as the 2nd regiment which were also known as the Red Lancers because..well they had red uniforms. I was tempted to paint six of them up as the Polish squadron which would fit in with the hundred days but I'm not sure if it would do for other campaigns?

Verdict? they were a joy to paint and even with only a few colours applied they started to look like a smart unit.

Slightly different style to the basing this time, I just used grey rocks and then applied the smaller ballast (all darkish brown) and just highlighted. I didn't paint the entire stand this time which is my usual practice. I'm going off this format because I'm not entirely satisfied with the look which is not so good compared with what other folk achieve. Added the flowers and the tufts.

The Chasseurs a Cheval are next to be completed, again an 18 man unit. I'm also planning a command stand with their divisional commander Desnouttes, Lallemand of the Chasseurs and Colbert-Chabanais of the Lancers.


  1. Hi Ken,
    They are lovely!!!

    I need to pic some if these up at some point.

  2. Top work mate. Nice to see some variety in horse colours at this scale too for a change. Keep it up!

  3. Superb work Ken, they look awesome!!!

  4. Wonderful unit - Red Lancers always look great en masse. Dean

  5. Thanks for the kind words - I'm quite pleased with them.

  6. Terrific stuff, Ken. Hard to imagine these painted any better in fact. There's something about ABs that seems to inspire people!

    Best wishes


  7. Thanks very much, Giles. AB's are simply the best 15/18mm figures available, so even a hamfisted painter like myself can do a decent paint job.

  8. Ooops - looking at the photos I forgot to paint the blue stripe down the trouser legs!

  9. A beautiful work Ken, and this unit is so great, colors and efficacity, on a battlefield!