Monday, 4 May 2015

Ayton 2015 Imaginations Game

I arrived in East Ayton 11-ish Friday, just ahead of the rolling road-blocks for the Tour de Yorkshire. Iain and myself had a meal in the Denison pub and later on met up with the others to setup the village hall. Saturday involved a couple of independent games that were played according to the campaign system that Iain and Paul had been running for the past two months. My goal was to hold an important road junction, this I did and the other two objectives of the enemy were to capture a temple and a convent defended by two other allies (Gary and Bob). The fourth team member (Buff) assisted my efforts and the convent.

Sunday was the enormous wall-to-wall troop battles, my Mexicans inflicted equal losses to what the suffered but of course the Lancer unit charged the guns (and maxim guns) and evaporated which is now customary for this unit!

Anyway I took some pics of the two days, better pictures with BATREP will eventually appear on the "Loose Association of Wargamers " website. Somewhere down this page is a shot of my Aztec command base - it was supposed to convey "special" morale boost but to the Mexican troops but I never got a chance to deploy it.

There was also a side-game ran by the two Tim's - a 54mm ACW game, quite impressive.



  1. Some excellent pics Ken! Looks like fun was had by all??

  2. Some great looking battle scenes but, man, that human sacrifice vignette is GRUESOME.

  3. Excellent stuff Ken, your Mexicans did very well this time!

  4. Hi Ray, yes we all had fun!

  5. Hi Jonathan, the Aztecs did have fun!

  6. Hi Dave, yes most of them survived till the end of the game! Which is unusual.