Monday, 25 April 2011

Prussian 6th&7th Line

Much the same activity as the last post - bulked up two existing regiments to three 16 man battalions each by adding four command stands. Flags by AB figures by Old Glory,1st picture is of both regiments, the second picture is the 7th regiment and then individual pictures of each battalion. Same for 6th regiment. Again, 1st battalions identified by a mounted officer and 2nd battalions by two drummers.

Those knowledgable about the prussians will notice that my third battalions should be fusilers (black webbing/crossbelts) without flags. However, I find painting black too difficult and doesn't look good when I do it. The flag is is present simply because I like flags.


  1. You seem to produce lots of these battalions. And they all look awesome!

  2. Hi Mr Belgian,

    Thanks for saying so, but last two posts I've cheated because bulk of battalions already existed (2 x 32 man units) and I just added extra command stands to break down each regiment into three battalions.


  3. Looking good Ken,
    Funny what you were saying about the black leatherwork on the fusiliers as I was just thinking the same myself last night with some AB Russian jagers I am painting. They are so dark I am not sure how they will look in the end. However they do have the white trousers and shako cords that helps The Prussians with black leather against dark blue and grey is a killer in our scale.
    Again fine painting Ken!
    You must have a huge collection of Prussians now?

  4. Hi Paul,

    The Prussians are only coming along nicely now - I didn't have that many painted up actually. Just about to complete some command stands now.

    I noticed a nice prussian (white cross on black)flag on your reserve infantry, where did you get that from and also how are the flags from 'flags for the lads'? I bought some 15mm British flags but they seemed more suitable for 1/72.