Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Viscount Gascoigne of Gateshead

I'm taking part in a imagination wargame end of April. This has been organised by the guys on the WD3 forum and will take place in Ayton near Scarbourgh. It's set in the 1700s and 12 of us are painting up forces for the game. Well, my 30mm lace war (36 x French Infantry) have arrived, these are 30mm figures by JackDaw miniatures and although they look good actually require assembly - this is something I'm not used to with 15mm and after two and a bit hours I'm still not finished yet. Arms with muskets and sword/bayonets need fixing on - ARGGH!-

The bodies have sockets but the arms do NOT have the pins to fit inside so I'm having a real fun time of it. Why does superglue not stick metal & plastic as easily as it sticks to flesh?!?!
I feel like smuggling in a brigade of 15mm prussians and seeing if anyone notices!
I've got a command figure to represent myself (the chap of the title of the post) ,the second mounted figure from the left, and 36 of his brave lads from the country of Whyeydia (de ya get it??).

The figures are just HUGE and something I've never painted before so bit of uncharted territory for me.

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