Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Prussian command bases

Completed three bases, the first base is a corps commander such as Zeithen who is accompaned by two generals, and I think they are pointing in the direction where they believe Waterloo is. The other two bases are both brigade commanders, the Cuirassier ADC indentifies  a Cavalry brigade commander. The figures are a mixture of AB's and Fantassin's.

Some of the photo's were taken by my daughter Sarah. We decided to use the green mat instead of the grey cardboard, which probaby looks nicer as the cardboard was getting pretty grotty.


  1. Very cool Ken and great photo's too!
    The gren matt looks great as a background.

    You asked about the FFtL flags The 1812 Grand armee flags from Flags for the lads are excellent, the best 15mm flags I have seen (their Prussian flags were basic and I think are older)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Ray and Paul!

    Yeah, I like the 1812 pattern with its gold braid and decorations, I find the 1815 too plain. The diamond 1804 pattern is ok and when I collected 1/72 the guard had this style to make it more distinctive and the line had the plainer 1815 pattern.