Monday 29 March 2010

OG Prussian Jaegers

These Old Glory guys have been sitting on my workbench for months and months. I started them off but just couldn't bear to finish them.This OG pack is a bit limited as there are too many advancing poses rather than skirmishing.

Wednesday 24 March 2010

My First 15mm French Command Bases

Completed two command bases. I obtained about 200 40mm diameter Poker chips/tokens from ASDA for £2, not a bad deal, although with three figures they look abit crowded. The first is Marshal Murat a figure by Fantassin with a AB ADC. I got Murat from a friend (thanks Paul!). I enjoyed painting him and I'm reasonably pleased with how he turned out but white uniforms certainly presents a challenge, so I think it will be a while before I start off an Austrian army. Murat is now ready to lead the light cavalry to glory! I may order some AB cuirassiers sometime in June to provide the heavies.
The second one is that of Marshal Grouchy with a hussar ADC and General. The uniform I chose for Grouchy is the one below. I used one of the AB generals but filed down his boots so it looks like he has shoes. Now I can use him for my 100 days campaign...can imagine him saying "do we march to the sound of the guns or what?!?"

Tuesday 9 March 2010

French Line Lancers

Well, here they are. These are AB 15mm figures from Fightin15s. It took a few weeks of stop-start painting but I eventually got them finished. I based these using the same size bases I use for the infantry which are 40x30. I stuck them to the bases using 'no more nails' and flocked them as usual. The new thing I tried was to make some reeds from this straw like material I got from Antenocetis workshop, can't say I did a good job - maybe I should have used fewer stalks and spread them open more?

If you click on the pictures you get a more detailed view.