Wednesday 21 April 2010

Form square!

While I had took the little men out of their cupboard, my son decided to make a square formation using a load of French infantry. You can see the result below, along with an infantry division of 9 batallions and a cavalry division of 4 regiments (my scale).

Friday 16 April 2010

Some Chasseurs a Cheval

Just finished basing these guys tonight. They could be either the 8th or 9th Chasseurs which had the pink facings. Based three to a 40x30 MDF base and grassed. This time I tried a three colour technique on the troopers - base colour, darker colour and highlights. It worked ok with the green but I'm not happy with the pink coats of the trumpeters, looks like they have been slashed by sabres. I may redo these when I get my enthusiasm back.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

All my painted 15mm Men

Here are all the completed French and Prussian forces. The French have 416 Infantry in 13 units the Cavalry have 64 troopers in 3 units, along with 8 skirmishers, we have 16 artillery men in 4 batteries and 2 command bases with 5 men.  This gives a total of 509 French.

The Prussians have 5 Infantry units of 128 men, 16 skirmishers, the Cavalry have 4 units of 80 men and 4 batteries with 16 men but no command bases. This gives a total of 224 Prussians.

This gives a grand total of 733 painted 15mm figures. As you can see, my army's are unfinished as they are highly unbalanced in terms of unit composition and I can't as yet play a proper game with them. The last game I had was a mixture of 1/72 plastics and 15mm.Not ideal but I just had about enough units to refight the battle of Ligny.

The kitchen table! The buildings are by TimeCast and are 6mm. Perhaps I should have gone for 10mm but wanted to have several buildings so they would look like towns and villages. These are based 2-3 and 3-4 houses on 100x100mm MDF bases. The river is painted on many sections of hex tiles  - see earlier blogs for details.

Thursday 8 April 2010

French Legere Unit

It didn't take too long but doing all that white lace was a pain! These are Old Glory Young Guard figures. I saw these on Paul's 'Napoleonics in Miniature' blog and I thought they looked good. I wanted a legere unit all with plumes and these seemed a good way of doing it, they also have the short gaiters which gives them a 'light' infantry look to them. The old glory figures are good but the best units are generally made of AB figures, these allow excellent painting results(even by me!) but sadly are a bit too expensive these days (what? -three price increases in a few months). I guess the bulk of my infantry will be Old Glory and the cavalry by AB.

 I composed them with the command base and two others as Chassuers and the fourth stand as carabiniers. The voltiger stands will be the smaller bases with two figures. I've yet to buy these guys.

The flag is by AB, usually I download and printoff the free WarFlags.

I based them the usual way using 'no more nails'  and  different sizes of scatter but didn't use the grassy tufts - just hairy grass scatter this time.