Wednesday 21 March 2012

ImagiNations Part 1

The game in Ayton 2012 will soon be upon us and the Whyeydia contingent (led byViscount Gaiscoigne) are now mustering new forces. The first will be a group of generals, including the Viscount himeslf. Next we have two cannon each manned by three gunners. Both these packs are by Old Glory - I should hasten to add the generals are not circa 1740 but are from the age of Marlborough. The reason is that I've decided to keep costs down and field a larger contingent than last year by using WarGames Factory plastic infantry. The uniforms are a bit earlier than the period of the game but Henry our umpire thought it ok! The WGF infantry ought to arrive in the post soon.

The gunners are also Old Glory but these are from the correct period. All I can say is that Viscount Gaiscoigne employs state-of-the-art artillery but his infantry are 40 years behind everyone else. If you look carefully you can see 2 units of Young Guard Tirailleurs now on hold.

I'll keep you posted.