Wednesday 2 January 2013

Imaginations Game -Tyneside Wargames Club

I forgot to mention that in December I paid a visit to the Tyneside Wargames club for the first time. The people were very friendly and seemed quite interested in my tropps. I was invited over by Andy and Phil to play a scenario using the 28mm troops we had painted up for the Ayton Imaginations game in April 2012. I forgot to take my camera so the pictures were taken by Andy.

These are a mixture of European and Ottoman types, the scenario involved a convoy of supply wagons crossing a wide river escorted by Andy's contingent of musketeers and lancers. Phil was supposed to capture or destroy these to satisfy his victory conditions (which he achieved!). Phils army consisted of pirates, camel gunners and some light cavalry. My contingent was the rescue column consisting of four battalions of musketeers and native infantry and cavalry.

The desert terrain was supplied by a nice chap called Laurence. There was a copious amount of alcohol available which made the event even better, plus I had to do something as my troops did not appear until later.  Mind you Andy allowed me to command his fine regiment of lancers which routed upon contact with Phils light Arab cavalry thanks to my lack of generalship! He was very nice about it.

I post pictures here but a better write-up can be found on Andy's website here....

The table, Andys convoy started from the top left-centre and had to cross the river just after the bend and to head for the red dot on the bottom right.

Phil's Camel gunners
 Battle between Phil's pirates and the Andy's musketeers skirmish across the river

 The Hareem set from Eureka!
 Phils infantry
 Andy's Ottomans
 My infantry appear, quite late in the game by turn five but lousy command roles meant that they dragged their feet
 Viscount Gaiscoinge appears