Tuesday 31 July 2012

Brunswick Leib Infantry

These are Old Glory and the flag was downloaded from NapFlags - neither this battalion nor any of the other light battalions sported flags. However, I felt they needed something to wave about, so I chose the Herzog flag of one of the line battalions - for the three light battalions I've filled the blue box with a colour appropriate for their facings (pink, yellow and orange). I still need to complete the basing with drybrush and static grass. I read in Adkin that their Duke was killed while trying to rally the Leib battalion at Quatre-Bras after they became disorderd. Other sources say he was calmly smoking his pipe in front of his men when the fatal shots were fired.

Monday 30 July 2012

Brunswick Horse Artillery

These are CGM figures and the cannons are British 6lb'ers, the uniforms are basically the same as the hussars which reminds me that I need to get some cavalry! Some people think that they used captured French peices or Westphalian peices obtained after Leipzig and that no British peices were used at Quatre-Bras.

Friday 27 July 2012

The Duke of Brunswick

Here we have Duke Frederick William, the brave commander of the Brunswick contingent and his is 2nd in command General Olfermann. These are figures by Campaign Game Miniatures. There was a third mounted figure in the pack from CGM, this was a hussar ADC who will be used as the colonel of the Leib regiment.

The Dukes father led the Prussian army in 1806 where he was killed at the battle of Auerstadt. After a whirlwind campaign Prussia was defeated. However, in 1809 the Dukes son led his army into Brunswick but they were driven out. After a series of marches he led his men through Germany where they were eventually picked up the Royal Navy and taken to England.

These men fought for Wellington in Spain and then after Napoleon returned in 1815 the Duke offered his services to Wellington again. The Brunswickers fought at Quatre-Bras where unfortunately the Duke was killed rallying his men. A sad end to a brave man.

Friday 20 July 2012

Brunswick 3rd Line

As last two posts, same techniques I drybrushed the uniforms with off-white to bring out hussar braid and crossbelts. I didin fact paint all three battalions a very dark grey and then gave it a black wash but the figures just went all dirty instead. I was thinking that the dark grey would enable the black crossbelts to be easily picked out and the wash would seep into the folds of the cloth.

Next up will be the Duke of Brunswick.

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Brunswick 2nd Line

Much the same as the last battalion, these are Old Glory 15mm Brunswick Light Infantry painted up to be line troops. Flags are by GMB, which are quite pretty I think. I wonder why the Herzogfanne is different for each battalion? I've ordered the Old Glory Line & Leib pack to make up the numbers of the Leib battalion. I also ordered the Avantguard battalion (in corsican hats)  and a horse battery from Vexilla which arrived today, these await black primer.

Sunday 15 July 2012

Brunswick 1st Line

These are Old Glory figures and don't have much detail to paint. They are in fact Brunswick 'light' infantry but still came with drummers rather than buglers. The pack of line infantry is split between 'line' and 'lieb', unfortunately not 50-50 but with only 12 'lieb' figures which ain't enough to build a battalion. I guess I'll order some CGM figues. The flags are by GMB. The flag poles were a bit short so I cut them off and drilled holes to replace them with brass spears.

I don't have any regimental history to these troops although Mercer comments on their extreme youth (average age of 18) and they suffered terribly from French artillery fire. Mercer also comments that when the French cavalry launched their attacks he refused to take cover inside their square thinking that if they saw the British gunners running for it they would run too.

Wednesday 4 July 2012

2/1st Foot Guards

Much the same as the last the post but this time it is the 2nd battalion of the 1st Foot Guards - again  we have AB peninsular infantry and GMB flags.They are in same the 'advancing' pose as the 2/3rd battalion and the bayonets are quite fragile compared with the other AB poses such as the 'at ready', I have lost two so far and this is without any gaming!!.

It was originally formed in 1656 as the King’s Regiment of Guards for Charles II and for various reasons is the premier regiment in the British army. During the war in Spain it gained battle honours at Corunna (1809), Barrosa (1811), Nive (1813).

This battalion was part of the1st Brigade commanded by Major General Maitland during the 100 days campaign. On the 16th June as the 1st Guards arrived at Quatre Bras they were promptly thrown in to the battle and drove the French back out of the Bossu wood.During Waterloo Lord Saltoun commanded the two Light Companies of the 1st Guards who which held the garden and orchard of the chateau while the other two Light Companies of the Coldstream and Scots Guards were commanded by Lt-Col James Macdonnell, responsible for the buildings. The centre companies and grenadiers were up on the ridge where they later routed Napoleons Old Guard after Wellington shouted 'Now Maitland. Now's your time!'

Here we have a few shots of them along with the other battalion.

Sunday 1 July 2012

2/3rd Foot Guards (Scots)

These fine looking chaps are the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd foot guards (Scots), although the 2nd battalion did not particpate in the Peninsula campaign they served with distinction at Waterloo. The Grenadier and center companies were positioned on the ridge just behind Hougoumont, the light company was placed in the chateux itself along with the other light company and was commanded by Colonel Macdonell. After many close calls they killed the few Frenchmen who actually made it inside - apart from one drummer boy! Finally slamming shut the gates and ignoring the flames when howitzers set some of the buildings ablaze!

The figures are AB and the flags are by GMB. Just to make them different to my line redcoats I gave these guys white trousers and of course the lovely regimental colours sets them apart also. The eagle-eyed will notice that they are uniformed for the Peninsular with their stovepipe shakos but have the Waterloo flags! Now I just need to complete another three of these!