Sunday, 25 September 2011

Cavalry Commands

I've had these gents part finished for some time - now that  I've completed two divisions of Dragoons and two of Hussars they  were crying out for some commanders. These are all AB figures. I hope I haven't overdone the grass and wild flowers!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Roll Call!

Its been a while since I last got out my wee men for a parade so here they all are. At the last count April 2010 there was about 700 in total. Now I have (according to my son) 1,486 figures. Thats 786 French and 700 Prussian. There are also 64 British Penninsula infantry.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

French Dragoons (yellow facings)

After several weeks (early August last posted) of not doing any painting of the wee men (redecorated our bedroom and it took ages) I have finally finished the last of my AB dragoons. I'm quite pleased with the result. As you can see these are in two regiments of 12 figures each, although could be doubled up if I ever play General de Brigade rules. These are the reserve/standing pose though you will make out a couple of charging poses on standing horses! You probably can't make it out from the photos but I bought some flowering shrub tufts (yellow) and some tufts of weeds(grren) from Aneconetis workshop. I added some static grass but this got tangled up with the weed tufts. Flags by AB. Only other thing I did differently was to experiment with how I painted some of the faces.