Saturday 21 August 2010

10mm French Line Infantry - three battalions

Here are my first line infantry all 60 of them. The figures are by RedLine and are based in two ranks, 10 to a stand which is 30x15. I'm hoping to use two stands two represent a battalion. The flags are by warflag and seemed to have scaled down ok. These little guys took just over four hours to complete with a few minutes more for basing. I have of course still used the sticky backed magnetic material to protect them (I keep them in A4 box files) and even with this I dont think the bases are overly thick and still look reasonable.

Should 20 guys in a battalion be stretching the imagination a bit I can always make bigger formations as you can see below.

Monday 16 August 2010

10mm guard horse artillery

Apart from moaning about the cuirassiers I've not done much little men painting due to decorating the living room. It took about a week and we are all glad its over. At least now I was able to complete the Redline guard horse artillerty (6lbs), thats three howitzers and nine 6pounders. I also completed an old glory foot limber (one of six in a pack) since in 10mm limbers become affordable.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

sword problem

My GHQ cuirassiers arrived today and although I'm pleased with the overall sculpting, size and poses of the little guys and their horses I'm a bit disapointed with the swords. As you can see they look more like whips than swords - the metal is very soft and a few breakages occured already and the rest will not cope with wargame handling.

Any idea as to what I could use for substitute swords? Also, the manufacturer gave up trying to produce flagstaffs in 10mm using his alloy and expect customers to produce their own.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

10mm infantry basing

Just trying to decide the size of the bases for my infantry, they will be in two ranks irrespective of nationality. As you can see I can squeeze 8 Redline on a 30x15. Could probably make it 10 figures. Some old glory old guard infantry arrived today (yet to take pictures) and I can easily get two strips of 5 on a 30x15 base.

I've also tried seeing what a 40x15 stand looks like also, will comfortably fit 10 Redline figures but can take 16 old glory figures.

Tuesday 3 August 2010

10mm Guard Chasseurs a' Cheval

Finally, completed 24 of these little guys. This regiment had about 1,100 troopers for the waterloo campaign, so I figure that a unit of 18-24 figures ought to do the job of representing it on the table top. Again they are based three to 30x20 stand. Again, it took about five hours to complete the paint job - with an extra hour for basing, flocking and adding the magnetic material.

Big question is ... who makes 10mm napoleonic flags?

Next will be the Guard Horse artillery.