Saturday, 28 December 2013

Russian Generals

These are in fact the AB Russian staff officers made up to be generals. I'm sure of the composition but this base will serve as the main Russian command base. I have WM and OG officer figures to paint up which ought to allow for another three bases of two each. Apologies for the quality of the pictures.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Some Toys and WIP

Santa had been very busy, he delivered lots of shiny lead, mainly Russians and Austrians (Old Glory, Blue Moon and Warmodelling). He also managed to frame a print of Captain Sharpe and his merry band. This print was a birthday present that sat in its tube for many months and now graces my study wall. Checking out the ladies present I think there's only two that he didn't have his wicked way with! I also have three other prints to frame and hang (Napoleons farewell to the old guard, France 1814 and Borodino by Lejuene).

The first WIP picture is of OG Russian artillery and three AB generals, along with the old guard. The second shows a host of Prussian cavalry, French Cuirassiers who need to wait until the Russian horsemen are sorted(these are WM figures on the bottom right handside)

Hopefully, Santa has been generous to you all!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Troitsk, Vilno and Osdessky regiments

I painted up three old glory Russian units, the pink & green flag belongs to the Troitsk regiment, the red & white to Vilno and the yellow flag identifies the Odessky regiment. The flags are from Maverick models, I always remember now to touch up the edges of the flags with paint to cover white bits. These are the last of the road march pose, probably not the best of the OG sculpts. I replaced the flag poles which were a bit short with metal spears I bought from the York wargame show a few years ago. I also had to convert a couple of officers to standard bearers since I didn't have enough to go around!

Next to be completed will be the Napoleons Old Guard Grenadiers (again old glory) and some Russian cavalry (Fantassin/warmodelling), hussars, cuirassiers and dragoons.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Lithuanian Dragoons

These are AB figures and are the last of my Prussian dragoons. The flag is by Fighting15s, I have no idea if this flag is correct or not but I did notice that Paul from  has the same flag, so thats good enough for me! This was the unit commanded by 'crazy' Platen, there is a nice picture of him and his trumpeter in the Osprey Lutzen & Bautzen book (the trumpeter actually used his trumpet to clobber a French lancer!).

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Prussian Supply Train

Didn't take too long to complete these, basically the same old glory 15mm caissons and wagons as per the French. The wagon packs came with three nationalities (French, Prussian & Austrian), I've had to use all three since I added extra horses. I didn't paint the bases, just added tufts and static grass.

Thats £15 per pack of 2 x wagons (or caissons), does anybody know a cheaper option?

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

L'Empereur 1814

Well, here he is with Marshal Ney and three others somewhere in France during the 1814 campaign. The Napoleon figure and Ney are by Warmodelling (a.k.a Fantassin). In fact this company has created about six or seven versions of Napoleon based on the different campaigns. I gave Ney the usual blue cloak rather than the brownish one that Messionier has depicted him in. The two similar looking generals are AB but the middle one is an AB body with a Warmodelling headswap (why? because he was a colonel in shako and it was the only spare general head I had). Well, there they are with their cloaks and greatcoats in the miserable winter of 1814. Not my greatest of command bases with such a mix of figures.

Monday, 9 December 2013

French Supply Train

One thing my armies have been sadly lacking are ammunition caissons and supply wagons. So I ordered 2 x large supply wagons packs and 2 x ammunition caisson packs. Each pack comes with two vehicles, the others will be painted up for the allies. These are of course old glory 15mm, they were easy to assemble (superglue) and with a bit black wash have turned out reasonably well. I did add two extra horses to the wagons to make up the numbers to four horses with two outriders riders (the caissons came with four horses).

My first 1814 battle (Brienne) scenario calls for a Prussian supply train to used as part of the French victory conditions, so they won't just be used for eye candy! These French wagons will have double up up as Prussian/Russians since the train stretches across the table. The vehicles are based on 100 x 40 mm MDF with magnetic backing.