Sunday 30 November 2014

Bavarian Chevaulegers

Here we have the 1st regiment, these are warmodeling figures and are full of action. Although there only two trooper poses, I added two command and trumpeter figures for variety. Next will be a couple of Bavarian foot artillery cannons and six crew, again warmodelling. I guess I should have two more Chevauleger cavalry units to get something like the forces available for the 1814 campaign. The Bavarians were of course were among Napoleons loyal allies until the 1813 crises.

Friday 28 November 2014

Russian Cuirassiers

These are CGM figures and were simple to paint up, they lack the detail of AB and Fantassin figures (WarModelling a.k.a Kapitan games no longer sell them). The flag is from Maverick Models. I now have two units of Russian Cuirassiers with two units of AB Cuirassiers to paint up.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Russian Irkutsk Hussars

It's been ages since I last painted up some figures. I guess I completely lost my mojo for a while. I hardly frequented the blogs and only checked into LAW and TMP now and again. I have a huge backlog of primed figures to paint up, mainly Prussian cavalry with some french currassiers and two units of British guards. Now I'm guilt tripping because these are not for 1814 so will have to wait while I concentrate instead on Russians and Austrians.

The below figures are AB's but I didn't really do them justice. But on the wargames table they'll look ok I'm sure.