Friday 23 December 2011

42nd Black Watch

Completed the 42nd highlanders, these took just over a week to do and there was a lot of detail to these AB figures. In fact for the same amount of time I completed six battalions of french great coated infantry! This is a 24 man battalion  with the centre companies on two 8-man stands and the flank companies on two 4-man stands. Not to scale I know but....anyway flags are by GMB.

Viewing them on the blog has shown up some mistakes such as the officers bonnet where I've been a bit messy with the brush, guess I'll have to touch these up!  WIP includes some french infantry commands, prussian hussars and four more battalions of Brits.

Thursday 15 December 2011

WIP - 42nd highlanders

Well, stuck the flags on the 2nd battalion of Portugese infantry and started off a battalion of AB Highland infantry. So far I think I'll be able to paint them - there is a great deal of detail such as the kilts and bands around bonnets and socks to do so these may take a while!

Monday 5 December 2011

Regiment Orange-Nassau

The next unit completed is the Orange-Nassau regiment. These are old glory Dutch Infantry advancing poses with the same problems with muskets getting in the way of the faces and cross-belts. Another problem with these figures is that the bayonets are quite brittle and I've lost a few. Otherwise few problems painting them and I'm happy enough, the only mistakes I know I've made is that the Orange-Nassau didn't have gaiters and I'm missing the shako cords. I didn't fancy using CGM figures although they actually do this regiment they do appear a bit more expensive than OG. The officer is by CGM and flags by GMB.

Monday 21 November 2011

Prussian 6th Hussars

A new unit to add to the Prussian army....AB figures and the PVA is still wet!

Sunday 13 November 2011

Six Battalions of French Greatcoats

Four 1st battalions with Eagle and the tricolours are by Maverick Models and two 2nd battalions, the fanions are by GMB. Took just over a week to complete these, I used the vallejo black wash to give a bit contrast to the greatcoats and then drybrushed with the original grey colour. The figures are by Old Glory and I'm not too impressed by the quality or variation in poses. Only two poses for the fusilers and it was tough to paint the faces with the muskets sticking in the way. In the end I gave up and just painted a skin wash over most of them. I will probably use these to denote raw or untrained battailions.

Monday 31 October 2011

Prussian Halloween Hussars

Completed 12 Death's Head hussars, I was a bit apprehensive of painting black uniforms but a bit gray drybrushing seems to have done the trick. Figures by AB, no flags since the hussars didn't carry them. These guys did not take part in the 100 days but played a role in Germany 1813 and then in France 1814. Every Prussian army must have this unit!

Sunday 23 October 2011

Light infantry command bases

I've just completed  some 2nd, 3rd and 4th battalion command stands with fanions, you may have noticed that the PVA has yet to dry out. These are AB's with flags from fighting15s, the designs I believe actually belong to a line regiment - for my line regiments I will just use white and red fanions (from GMB).  WIP includes AB Prussian hussars and a load of old glory greatcoated French.

Thursday 20 October 2011

Portuguese Line Infantry

These are Old Glory figures and turned ok I think. Based same way as the Nassau troops with two 30x40 and two 20x30 bases. Again there is just enough for two units at this scale. The flags are by GMB and I'm waiting for some to come in the post to complete the other unit. They are a bit boring because according to my research they did not have any special distinctions for the elites (light or grenadiers). They can also double up as belgian troops for 1815.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

2nd Regiment Nassau

Got sick of painting blue tunics so thought I try green for a change! These are Old Glory figures and the flags are by GMB. The only change was to use 20x30 bases for the flank companies.  The smaller base size  is more flexible in terms of creating different unit sizes. The advantage of these guys is that they can be used for peninsular as french  allies and of course for the hundred days as allies of the British!

One OG pack was enough to make two battalions.