Tuesday 2 May 2017

Not quite dead

I should really have posted something a lot, lot sooner. Just a little post to say I'm still alive and will be dusting off my brushes and paints pretty soon after a year long hiatus.

I did manage to get a couple of games in. The pictures below are from the excellent game played at East Ayton (Nr Scarborough) over the last weekend. There was a bout a dozen or so of us using the Lion Rampant rules using the figures we specially painted up for it.

The photos were taken by GoatMajor and are copied from his site. The 1st pic shows part of my retinue. More pics can be found here....http://thelaofwargamers.prophpbb.com/forum4.html

Monday 20 June 2016

Front Rank Foot Yeomen

Another unit for my Lion Rampant force. I painted these up as the retinue of the Duke of Lorraine, and are probably more uniform than they would be in actual life. I may be wrong but I don't think such livery became the norm until much later. The flag by Maverick Models and is quite distinctive compared with the others in my collection (all are some form of fleur-de-lise) . I did highlight these figures but this has not come out well in the pics.

Thursday 21 April 2016

FireForge Plastic Mounted Sergeants

Hi Folks,

This is my first post of 2016, I'm ashamed to say. Although I've been playing games a plenty at the club I've almost lost the desire to paint. Well, anyway here is my first offering for 2016, they are plastic yuck! but this is a result of my visit to vapnartak at York in February. I spotted some Perry metal sergeants and should have bought them on the spot but I went for a wander around the other stalls and when I returned they had gone! So not wanting to leave empty handed I got the next best thing. They aren't bad sculpts actually! I just have to decide on pennants for them, they will form two units of six riders for Lion Rampant.

I did notice that during my absence that the number of visitors reached over the 100,000 mark and many thanks to all those who have paid a visit and commented over the years.


Tuesday 29 December 2015

2015 - figures painted.

About this time I take stock of the figures I've painted. So lets see for 2015.....in brackets is the number of figures but not including horses for 28mm limbers and wagons.

28mm(Lion Rampant)
4 x men-at-arms units (24)
battered markers (8)
standard bearers (4)
1 Pavaiser unit (12)
1 commander base (3)
1 crossbow men unit (12)

28mm Ayton Imaginations
3 x Mexican command bases (6)
Mexican bandit types (6)
2 x gatling guns (6)
3 x Mexican infantry units (108)
2 x Mexican horse guns and limbers (12)
3 x Mexican foot guns and limbers (12)
2 x supply wagons (2)

15mm Napoleonic's
2 x Bavarian foot artillery guns (6)
5 x Austrian command bases (12)
2 x Austrian infantry units (48)
1 x Hungarian grenadier unit (24)
1 x Austrian uhlans (12)
1 x Brunswick uhlans (12)
1 x Russian grenadiers (24)
1 x Russian Pavlov's (24)
2 x French cuirassiers (24)
1 x French cuirassier command (2)
1 x British Life Guards (12)

Looks like 215 x 28mm figures and 200 x 15mm figures. Hopefully, in the new year I can complete more 15mm Austrian and Russian figures and get to do the 1814 gaming project as well!


Saturday 26 December 2015

AB Austrian Command

I hope you all had a great Christmas with your families and Santa filled your socks with goodies.

Just as the title says these are the figures from the AB Austrian command set. Five command bases with Archduke Charles on the big base (four figures), the others can represent division or corps commanders. These are my first 15mm figures in some months now, so I have yet to get into 15mm painting mode, the faces are notably not as well executed as I would have liked.

All I need now are some Austrians for them to command!

Tuesday 22 December 2015

Perry Command and men-at-arms

Here we have the WotR perry command set (Henry Tudor), I didn't like the HYW sets for the French so decided to get this one. I am not too happy with the faces, and had several attempts to repaint them with no joy. The flag is the Oriflamme (Golden Flame), the battle flag of France which was housed in the Cathedral of St Dennis and was periodically brought out for war - at Agincourt it was lost in the battle. This  one I printed out from WarFlags and painted over.

The last seven of my Front Rank men-at-arms are also completed, I converted one into a flag bearer - the arms of the Duke of Brabant (flag by Maverick models). The flags I've chosen all have the Fleur-de-lis, so the troops they are assigned to can be instantly identified as my French!

Well, thats the last of my HYW figures, I'll order some more in the New Year and now it's back to 15mm Napoleonics.

Sunday 13 December 2015

Front Rank Men At Arms

Just painted up and based 12 MAA, the Front Rank figures are really nice and easy to paint. I painted the shields by hand rather than transfers, I think I've done a reasonable paint job and getting the hang of fleur-de-lis. The figures are a mixture of spear and sword carrying gentlemen.

 Here we have from left to right: two unknown knights, the Count of Nevers and the Count of Roucy (his is supposed to be a blue lion rampant!)
 From L-R: The Count of Fauquemberges, the Duke of Bourbon, Count of Eu and Viscount of Breteuil.

From L-R: The Duke of Alecon, Lord of Beausmesnil, Lord of Rambures and The Count of Vaudemont.

Now for some groups shots with flash on.

Groups shots without flash.