Thursday, 11 December 2014

Austrian Infantry #1

This is my first attempt at tackling the white uniform of the Austrians. The figures are old glory road march and the flag is from Maverick Models. I gave them a white coat which was then given  a black wash and then highlighted white. I wasn't too sure how they would turn out and may try another technique. I think the black wash is a bit too harsh and may try a grey. I cut off the original flag pole and used a brass 28mm spear cut down to size. the faces were a bit of a problem to do as there wasn't much detail and what I could make out was pretty small!

I took the pictures with my painting light on and then off.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Bavarian Artillery

These are Warmodelling figures and are foot artillery, I didn't use the cornflower blue for these guys. I saw on Paul's blog (NapoleonicsinMiniature) a battery of Bavarians and the darker blue looks pretty good. anyway I'm sure Paul has done his research and the artillery wore a darker blue!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Troops painted since Sept 2013

Once a year I take a count of the troops I've painted, so in no particular order are:

1 x Young guard  unit @24 men
1 x Empress dragoons @18 men
3 x Prussian Dragoon units @ 36 men
11 x Russian generals
8 x Russian infantry units @ 192 men
4 x Prussian supply wagons
4 x French supply wagons
1 x French Pontoon wagon
1 x French command @ 5 men
1 x Bavarian light cavalry @ 12 men
2 x Russian Cuirassier units @ 24 men
3 x Russian hussar units @ 36 men
4 x Bavarian infantry units @ 96 men
1 x Russian Lancers units @ 12 men
2 x Russian Dragoon units @ 24 men
4 x Russian HA with 12 crew
6 x Russian FA with 24 crew
2 x French Old Guard units @ 48 men
2 x Russian Cossacks units @ 24 men
3 x Bavarian Generals (painted by Paul)

Total = 601
added to 15mm figures already painted, 2742 +601 = 3343

I haven't counted the 28mm figures I painted for the big Ayton game in May 2014.