Friday 11 May 2012

Ayton 2012 - Musketiers

Here are the remining musketier battalions. Nothing special just two more boxes of Wargames Factory 28mm plastics and rebasing of the original Jackdaw battalion. I didn't even give them names but just gave them four different cuff and legging colours (blue, red, green and purple). Any mounted figures you see are 25mm Old Glory Marlburian's.

 (Jackdaw 30mm figures)

WGF (28mm WSS)- green facings

WGF (28mm WSS)- purple facings

Thursday 10 May 2012

Ayton 2012- Ottomans

These are the Ottomans, since the Ayton 2012 game is based around an imaginations North African state called Byzarbia I thought I'd better recruit some locals for the invasion. The first unit are Old Glory Arab cavalry, I added a drummer and trooper from the Essex Miniatures catalogue to make the unit up to 12 figures. I gave these guys different coloured coats and shields to give them a less uniform appearance.

The next unit I'm really proud of, these are Old Glory Palestinian Auxillaries. There was little in terms of uniform guides apart from a computer game which showed some patterned details I had no chance of painting! However, I ended up painting them a uniform red and simply called them a light infantry unit and based them 5 per stand in loose order.

The third unit is of OG fanatics - these are somewhat scantily clad but have murderous fury! I added a severed head to one of the swordsmen to add a bit spice to the unit, however I left the shields a plain bronze colour to reflect that these guys here to kill and not to look pretty. Painting the skin and muscles was a bit of a challenge but I think they turned out ok. However, we never got to see how they performed as it never reached the front in time to see any action! :-(

OG Arab Cavalry

 The light Infantry (OG Palestinian Auxillaries)

 OG Illaryi Fanatics

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Ayton 2012 - Command

Here we have the three command bases for the Wheyeydian contingent. First we have Viscount Gascoigne (blue coat) and his second in command, these are JackDaw 30mm figures. These were at the first Ayton game and I just based them differently - I originally gave the bases a ghastly green colour without sand or rocks. The second base is the Brigadier General Newkey Brown (dark blue coat and waving hat!) who was originally an ADC to the Viscount but his excellent service in the first war led to promotion, these are Old Glory  25mm figures. The third base is of Haraam Amir of Al-Kuhul, allies of Wheyeydia. These are Essex 25mm Ottoman figures.

Monday 7 May 2012

Ayton 2012- The Game

Just returned from the wargaming weekend at Ayton, I had a pretty good time and I'm looking forward to Ayton 2013 already! The weekend went way too quick for me, even with staying on for an extra night. The WD3 lads are a friendly bunch to play with and even better to share some food and beer with. This game had everthing from drunken pirates, elephants, camel guns and flamethrowers to flaming pigs! No, it wasn't fantasy but an Imaginations battle set in Byzarbia - this battle follows on from last years campaign.

I brought 4 musketier battalions with two light cannons, along with some ottomans: fanatic infantry, light infantry and a small regiment of arab cavalry. The musketiers did reasonably well but the honors go to the cavalry for briefly capturing a hill and driving off the gunners. These are shown in the big box below. More pctures will follow over the next few days - I didn't post anything in order to keep the enemy in the dark as to my forces.