Wednesday 27 April 2011

More prussians & dragoons

After the game at Ayton I will complete the Prussian brigade the kids started and some AB french dragoons.
I cleaned up some OG landwehr to complete the brigade and these need to be spray primed with GW chaos black. Although I like the GW primer because it has a bit of a sheen and therefore a bit easier to make out the fine details I think it is less effective than the vallejo primer at sticking to the metal.

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Prussian command bases

Completed three bases, the first base is a corps commander such as Zeithen who is accompaned by two generals, and I think they are pointing in the direction where they believe Waterloo is. The other two bases are both brigade commanders, the Cuirassier ADC indentifies  a Cavalry brigade commander. The figures are a mixture of AB's and Fantassin's.

Some of the photo's were taken by my daughter Sarah. We decided to use the green mat instead of the grey cardboard, which probaby looks nicer as the cardboard was getting pretty grotty.

Monday 25 April 2011

Prussian 6th&7th Line

Much the same activity as the last post - bulked up two existing regiments to three 16 man battalions each by adding four command stands. Flags by AB figures by Old Glory,1st picture is of both regiments, the second picture is the 7th regiment and then individual pictures of each battalion. Same for 6th regiment. Again, 1st battalions identified by a mounted officer and 2nd battalions by two drummers.

Those knowledgable about the prussians will notice that my third battalions should be fusilers (black webbing/crossbelts) without flags. However, I find painting black too difficult and doesn't look good when I do it. The flag is is present simply because I like flags.

Sunday 24 April 2011

Prussian Reserve Infantry

I painted up four command stands to flesh out two reserve infantry regiments at 3 battalions each. Again, the 1st battalion is identified by an officer, the 2nd battalion by two drummers. The figures are all Fantassin but the 12th regiment has flags by AB, these are the red eagle flags. The 24th regiment is identifed by the black eagle on the 'white' background, these flags are from GMB.

Thursday 21 April 2011

Musketeers completed

It took about a week (on and off) to complete these guys. They have been based to 'old school' style which is just plain green paint without flock or texturing. I quite enjoyed painting them actually, and its a pity I didnt paint up two more battalions since my little army is likely to be crushed by superior numbers.

The flag is the old Gateshead coat of arms the motto "caput inter nubila condit" - usually translated as "it's head is hidden in the clouds" (it is actually taken from a section in Virgil's Aenid)

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Musketeer update

I had intended to complete my 36 man battalion tonight but got pressganged into moving the furniture in my daughters bedroom. However, here are a few shots of progress to date.

Question: there is an item of kit on the soldiers just below the cartridge box on the front of the figures, I cant make out what is and so cant figure out how to paint it. It looks too small to be a water bottle but... 

 Anyway, the elegant chap in the sky blue coat is myself (Viscount Gascoigne of Gateshead) and the other mounted commander is Major Newkey Broon.
The chaps faces are rather, how can I put it - full of character but as long as they can fight who really cares?

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Viscount Gascoigne of Gateshead

I'm taking part in a imagination wargame end of April. This has been organised by the guys on the WD3 forum and will take place in Ayton near Scarbourgh. It's set in the 1700s and 12 of us are painting up forces for the game. Well, my 30mm lace war (36 x French Infantry) have arrived, these are 30mm figures by JackDaw miniatures and although they look good actually require assembly - this is something I'm not used to with 15mm and after two and a bit hours I'm still not finished yet. Arms with muskets and sword/bayonets need fixing on - ARGGH!-

The bodies have sockets but the arms do NOT have the pins to fit inside so I'm having a real fun time of it. Why does superglue not stick metal & plastic as easily as it sticks to flesh?!?!
I feel like smuggling in a brigade of 15mm prussians and seeing if anyone notices!
I've got a command figure to represent myself (the chap of the title of the post) ,the second mounted figure from the left, and 36 of his brave lads from the country of Whyeydia (de ya get it??).

The figures are just HUGE and something I've never painted before so bit of uncharted territory for me.

Monday 4 April 2011

Westphalian Landwehr

While waiting for the slave labour (kids) to complete their quotas I managed to finish off 96 Fantassin landwehr miniatures. I'm building 16 man battalions so I can field more units and hopefully find a set of rules that allows large scale battles. Here we have two regiments with 3 battalions apeice. Depending on the rules I can always have two units of four bases with some spare command bases.

The flags are by AB and are green to represent the state colours of westphalia. The regiments are identified by the two different flag patterns (solid white cross and outline white cross with a laurel pattern on reverse) . To represent 1st battalions I have a mounted commander, 2nd battalions have two drummers (assuming you can't make out the white, red and yellow lapels).