Sunday 28 April 2013

Mexican Militia #3

Yaaaahoooooo! Thankfully, I've finished the last unit. Same poses as last two militia units, I've given them different coat colours for variety this time, brown and greys in addition to the beige.

Feels as though I've done nothing but paint and I have completed a few units in a short space of time (for me). Well next stop is Ayton for a grand gaming session. Afterwards, I'll try and ease myself back into 15mm Napoleonic's.

Mexican command

I got the OG mounted senior command pack and here they are. One went to command the infantry in the last post as you can probably tell. The big command base has my alter-ego in the centre, the rather worried looking grey haired guy!) This is Generalissimo de Brigade Tomas Mejia. When looking at the old photographs of Mexican generals I thought he seemed full of character. Turns out he was executed after a regime change! Not sure if I'll get the chance to use the smaller command base as I didn't inform the umpire of it in my OOB.

Saturday 27 April 2013

Mexican Line Infantry #2

This is 2nd line regiment of Old Glory figures,these are the same figures I painted with white jackets and red trousers (advancing poses). Again I have 4 stands based for skirmishing but I just found out yesterday that only 2 stands of skirmishers are allowed by the rules but that's ok. I've used the Morelos flag for these guys which means they are the 1st regiment. I'm quite pleased the way they painted up.

This time I painted an actual light company and given them yellow collars and pom-poms, the Mexican army was styled on the French as Santa Ana was a great fan of Napoleon!

We received the OOB and rules from Tim the Ayton gamesmaster yesterday and I also noticed that everybody has brought 12 lb Napoleon cannons which makes my 6 lb'ers look a bit under powered. Never mind, I hope this affair will be settled by cold steel!

 I'm just finishing off the two command bases and the last unit which is militia battalion #3.

Monday 22 April 2013

Mexican Militia #2

Again, OG 25mm figures advancing with sombreros and sandals. My daughter reckons they look like they are wearing mushrooms on their heads! The sandals were a bit of a pain to do and for that reason I'll avoid ancient periods! I went for a slightly different look to these and gave then lighter coloured trousers. I based some (again) in single ranks for skirmishing, the ACW game down at Ayton  apparently uses skirmishing in the rules although not to an dominating extent, or so I'm told. The flag is by BattleFlag and I used a mixture of tufts and static grass for the bases. Coming up next is a regular line battalion.

Sunday 21 April 2013

Mexican artillery

Here we have Old Glory 25mm figures, I'm quite a fan of OG their figures are reasonable well cast and sculpted and the price is good also. Each 6lb cannon has four men serving it. They are on 60 x 80 bases, although each base is in fact composed of two 40 x 60 bases (I used to base my 15mm cavalry on these). I simply super glued together onto the magnetic base. Next in line is militia battalion #2 of #3.

Thursday 4 April 2013

Mexican Presidial Lancers

Here we have some Old Glory 25mm Presidial lancers, these fought at the Alamo and the Mexican war of 1846 when the USA invaded. Duties included scouting, Indian fighting and general battlefield charging about! They painted up nice and easy, the faces weren't too bad to do. Mexican Flag is by battle flag and the lance pennants were made out of printer paper, cut to size and painted red. They are a bit big but hey this Mexico where nothing can be too flamboyant! These are for the big game at Ayton in early May.