Monday 19 July 2010

10mm, 15/18mm and 1/72 contrast

While pondering how small but detailed the 10mm troops are I decided to compare them with the others I painted over the last 5 years. I noticed how my basing style has changed also from when I painted the 1/72 Italeri lancers.

10mm Red Lancers finished

I painted up 18 out of the 24 as red lancers, I may paint up the remaining 6 as the Polish  squadron. For the time ever I decided to time this batch - it took about 5 hours.

Stuck on 30x20 MDF bases with white PVA glue and sparingly  flocked. The last photo was by my daughter Sarah.

Friday 16 July 2010

10mm Redline French Guard Lancer

I painted up one of them fully just to see how they will turn out. I must say this little fellow took just under 1 hour to complete! I did stop for a few minutes to double check the computer for uniform details but was expecting to finish him much quicker than I actually did.

I ran out of my normalblack vallejo primer and used a very old tin of Tamiya fine grey primer. It shows the colours up much better but of course leaves small light coloured gaps where I missed details. had I used the black this would not have been a problem.

Anyway what do you think?

Tuesday 13 July 2010

10mm Napoleonics - the very idea

I was checking a few websites (Benno's Figures to be precise) that I hadn't visited in some time and came across some beautifully painted 10mm figures by Adam Parsons (Redline Naps from BendSinister). The figures seemed well proportioned and detailed for their size. Probably just the job for the tradeoff between mass-effect and room to manouver on my kitchen table.

Anyway, I've ordered some Redline and OldGlory. I'll post up pictures when I've painted and based them.