Sunday 26 February 2012

French Divisional General

This chap was kindly given to me by Paul from Napoleonics in Miniature, he came with Marshal Murat who I'd painted up some time ago. He is a Fantassin (WarModelling) figure, he was improved by placing him on a spare AB mount. His sidekick is an AB colonel figure, which makes him a general of an infantry division!

3rd Prussian Hussars

Same story as last post - this is the 3rd regiment of hussars, AB figures based with no-more-nails and grass tufts. I painted the tufts a brighter green colour and then dry brushed with yellow to give a two-tone look. Agaim, this is another regiment that took part in the 1813 and 1814 conflicts.

I think I may open up a hairdressing salon for 15mm figures since this is the second time I have used the hair dryer to speed up varnishing and basing drying times!

Saturday 25 February 2012

8th Prussian Hussars

After a month of inactivity I have just this week completed the 8th Prussian hussars. These are AB figures and were relatively easy to paint with the exception of the barrel sashes. I think the Mont St Jean site may have gotten a couple of Prussian hussar regiments mixed up checking my Osprey and online sources they were supposed to be light blue -and since it stands out better this is the colour I went for. I made this unit a bit different by adding the ADC figure. Next up will be the 3rd Hussars, same blue dolman but with red collars and cuffs.