Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Work in progress

Next on my list of things to do are some AB French dragoons (at rest pose), these will have yellow facings to distinguish them from the red and pink regiments. Depending on how I feel I may progress on with a horde of Prussian hussars (AB) or a batch of three battalions of Portuguese line infantry (OG).

I also received a couple of packets of OG Peninsula British Elite pose in 'at ready' and 'march attack' in stovepipe shako, I'll think I'll stick with the march attack pose as it looks decent enough.  I would like to use AB's for all my infantry but OG is the cheaper and more doable option.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Prussian Line Infantry

Yet another batch of line infantry - although by rights these troops with pink facings are reserve regiments. They are old glory and are a mixture of what I suspect are advancing and receiving poses, the pack I got from Time Cast was already open. The flags are by AB and are the new patterns for regiments numbered 13 and above, they didn't get these flags until September 1815. I used a mixture of basing materials such as static grass, tufts and some flowery tufts.

I'll probably replace the third battalion with advancing/skirmising poses to be more like the fusiler battalion as these did not carry flags.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

3rd regiment of Westphalian Landwehr

Completed and based this lot tonight. These are oldglory figures and painted up reasonably well. I tried a couple types of grass- not too sure if it worked or not but the scatter looks really bright green on the photos. The OG pack contains 50 figures and makes a regiment of three battalions at 16 men per battalion. 1st battalion is identified by the mounted officer and the 2nd by two drummers. The flags are by AB.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Prussian infantry

These had been waiting to be finished for quite some time - anyway done them now. Figures are by Fantassin (Warmodelling) they are a lot cheaper than AB at £3.22 for a pack of eight but a bit more expensive than Old Glory at £13.50 for 50. Detail is not as crisp as either AB or OldGlory. Flags by AB and the mounted officer is by Old Glory.