Thursday 25 November 2010

Prussian Line Infantry Unit

Just completed a line infantry unit - these are Old Glory figures and quite nice ones I think. They dont have a flag as yet, I'm going to order some from Fightin15s. My printer just isn't up to the job of printing the fine details and consequently looks a mess. Speaking of Fightin15s, the prices have been increased yet again so it is now £6.00 for 8 foot or 4 horse. The grass is of two types, the shorter grass was originally for my 10mm figures, I may at a later date trim the grass as it looks too regular in shape.

Thursday 18 November 2010

Three more French Command bases

Completed some more bases, as you can see Marshal Grouchy is back with his new ADC who is an officer of the 1st Hussars. I've given this officer a darker blue than the 1st are usually thought to have had. This is because the author of my French hussar book believes this to be the case (and he is French after all!).

The other two are Divisional Generals and I've given their ADC's the appropriate plume colour. I'm not too sure about the gold braid on the ammunition box belt but ah well.

Monday 15 November 2010

Prussian Reserve Infantry

These guys have been sitting on my desk for ages. I got the kids to paint the greyjackest and the off-white trousers. I know these regiments were mainly all in grey but I wanted a more interesting combination and satisfy myself that these used landwehr issue trousers! They will also double up as Landwehr since I'm short of these troops also.

The figures are from Fantassin (warmodelling), I like all the poses apart from the guy with one leg in the air. The sculpts are not too bad but I think the figures were cast in a hurry. The different poses in a unit make for a ragged ill-disciplined look which I like.

Based as usual on 40x30 MDF, with 8 figures to stand and 4 stands in a 'unit', stuck on with 'no-more-nails', painted and grassed.

Thursday 4 November 2010

AB French command stands

After I finished my last batch of 10mm figures I just totally lost the urge to paint. I didn't stop posting on blogs etc and looking at things Napoleonic, I just didn't lift a brush for over two months. I made a mistake going to 10mm, at the end of the day you just can't beat nicely proportioned and sculpted 18mm figures.

Anyway,before I got the urge to try 10mm I had finished two command stands. One you may recognise from previous posts as it had Marshal Grouchy on it. However, I felt three figures was a bit much for one stand so I removed him. He will get his own ADC later.