Monday 29 July 2013

Russian Bielostock & Narva Regiments

At some point in time, (next year!) I would like to refight the France 1814 campaign. However, I don't have any Russians! So I 've made a small start with these OG 15mm battalions, I have another four to paint up. The OOB battle won't be too accurate as so far I've just selected those regiments with the pretty flags. I've gone for the 1803 style inspection with a coloured flag and a white flag pair for each unit, these are by Maverick models. I've ordered some more flags for the Grenadier battalions but for variety these will be the 1797 variations.

My first two regiments are Bielostock and Narva. The OG figures are Ok, these are supposed to be march attack but is more like road march to me (I've seen french 1809 figures in this pose called road march)  but I'll stick to Warmodelling for the grenadiers and Pavlov guards. Possibly using AB command figures.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

79th Highlanders

This is the other half of the OG Highlander pack with command (50 figures so I can get two units). The 79th have these nice green facings which goes well with the rest of the uniform I think. Upon closer inspection the two bagpipers  appear to lack the 'drones' so I don't know what kind of noise they could actually make! I placed these at the back of the command stand so not to be too obvious! I think its a sculpting error rather than a casting one. The 79th (Cameron Highlanders) served in the peninsular war as well as the 100 days,during that time they were part of Kemps brigade and were present at Quatre-bras and Waterloo. This regiment was raised in 1793 and finally merged with the Seaforth Highlaners in 1961. During Dunkirk they wore the kilt which was the last time these were ever worn in battle.

Sunday 21 July 2013

Another KGL battalion

There was supposed to be four but one got painted up as a Belgian line battalion to complete Perponchers division. Well, here is the final one along with his buddies from De Plats KGL Brigade. One day soon I'll around to priming and painting the fourth.

The weather is much cooler now in the UK but that means it takes longer for the paint and PVA to dry on the bases!

Sunday 14 July 2013

3rd battalion KGL

Yet more of the same! One of these KGL battalions was routed in a night attack at the battle of Talavera! They believed themselves to be in the 2nd line and laid down their arms and fell fast asleep. They were soon woken up by the French who took quite a few prisoners and killed many others.

Next units to be painted are the 4th KGL and the 79th Highlanders.

Sunday 7 July 2013

2nd Battalion KGL

OG 15mm again, in fact the bulk of my infantry are nearly all OG! As you can see these are wearing the belgic shako. The flags are by GMB, stuck with white PVA glue and as usual I added a few folds shortly after gluing to the flag pole. I have another two of these to paint up along with a unit of OG highlanders(the 79th), all three units are primed and waiting on the lollipop sticks.

I'm also thinking of doing some conversions for a couple OG Hanoverian militia battalions. This bag is essentially a mix of belgic and stovepipe shakos in the advancing pose. I was thinking of doing some head swaps with some Landwehr/reserve infantry to have some caps to liven up the unit. I've seen a whole unit of 28mm perry plastics done that way, red caps with a yellow band. However, asking around TMP I think only the officers and not the men had caps - but since when did that ever stop me!?!

Friday 5 July 2013

French Light Regiment

These are OG 15mm infantry - the pack is called "VOLTIGUERS SKIRMISHING CAMPAIGN DRESS 1809", with hindsight perhaps I should have gotten the actual light infantry options! Some have the greatcoat rolled like Prussians across the chest, the coat tails are really long. I based these four to a stand and so can act in skirmish mode or as formed infantry. I gave them two companies of voltiguers instead of one, I painted the Chasseurs all with green pom-poms. The flags are by Maverick models and in fact Stewart actually designed the 2nd battalion fanion for me! I requested a fanion with the hunting horn symbol and he created it in a few days. The wounded figures are from the OG Young Guard pack and there is an AB officer somewhere.