Wednesday 19 June 2013

Brunswick Foot Artillery

Just a couple of CGM guns and crew, the only noteworthy comment is that the howitzer from this manufacturer is rather small (in my opinion). although, probably not that noticeable in the pictures. I'll need some Brunswick lancers/hussars to complete this division.

Saturday 15 June 2013

Dutch Artillery

These are CGM Dutch artillery, both foot and horse with two guns per battery. The ones with red plumes are the horse artillery and the ones with red with green tips are the foot. These will represent  Stievenart foot battery and Bijleveld horse battery. Both were at Quatre-bras where they were the only allied guns present for quite some time. Since Ney had several batteries from his numerically superior army - these Dutch guns suffered heavily from counter-battery fire.

Tuesday 4 June 2013

1st battalion Belgian Infantry

These are OG 15mm British infantry figures wearing the belgic shako in the march attack pose and the flag is from GMB. Not much to comment on but I will say there is a lot of white in this uniform! Crossbelts, plumes, collars, cuffs and epaulettes! This battalion formed part of Perponchers Dutch-Belgian division that held Quatre-bras on the 16th June.

Primed and waiting on my desk I have three more units of the same figures intended to be painted up as Kings German Legion. One unit of OG Highlanders, along with CGM Dutch and Brunswick artillery. Finally, two units of French light infantry (skirmish pose). If I can clear these then I will make a start on some AB Guard light cavalry, i.e the red lancers and chasseurs a' cheval. The Russians can wait.

Saturday 1 June 2013

Guard Horse Artillery

These are AB horse gunners, the uniform lacks the plume and bag but is otherwise quite smart (campaign?). Only 16 figures so did not take long, I placed the figures in the same position since this is where they would normally stand in their assigned positions. Next to be completed is a unit of Belgian infantry (using 1815 British infantry as stand in's). I was going to paint some OG Russian infantry but guilt has set in and I really should clear my workbench of stuff thats already primed and has been waiting weeks!