Sunday 30 September 2012

Allied command bases

I've not done much this month apart from a couple of allied command stands. Here we have Sir Thomas Picton and ADC, these are AB figures and poor old Sir Thomas is missing his brolly. This snapped off and I was never able to glue it back on successfully, so he now looks as though he is reaching for a drink.

The other base is of Prince Bernard of Saxe-Weimer, he was the commander of the Nassau contingent. These are CGM figures and the pack is supposed to be Von Kruse with an ADC figure.

As you can see, the PVA is still wet!

Sunday 9 September 2012

Grand Parade 2012

We got the troops out and doing a battalion count of new figures since last time (a year ago) I have painted up 6 x 24 man french battalions; 22 x 24 man allied battalions; 2 x Brunswick cannons (8 crew); 18 french cavalry. That's a total 692 figures in about a year, 2242 in total. We just set up the French and the new allied units - the Prussians had to sit this one out. The kitchen table was augmented with a wallpapering table and the green felt throw over just covering both. I think I could probably squeeze in another wallpapering table but wouldn't leave much room for a portly chap like me to move around! The first and last pictures are of the allied units, most of the pics were taken by my son (Ken junior) and daughter Sarah.


Sunday 2 September 2012

Brunswick Light Brigade

Here we have the three Brunswick 24 man light battalions, 1st with pink facings, 2nd with yellow and the 3rd with orange. These are a mix of the old glory light BRN2 and line packs BRN1(mainly light since the line have the Lieb included). As I stated in an earlier post the light infantry did not come with bugles/horns but with drummers. Another discrepancy is that I gave each battalion a flag, this was one of the Battalions Fahnes copied from NapFlag, I used Microsoft paint to change the colour of the square to match the facing colour. Not too bad given I've a really crap printer! Again, I also removed the old flagstaff and replaced it with a metal spear.

I now have all eight Brunswick battalions completed - when funds permit I will get the foot battery and the hussars and lancers. Probably get the battery from Vexhillia (CGM) and AB's for the cavalry. CGM figures are ok for infantry and artillery but their horses really suck, they lack details. Old glory horses are worst of all as they are just too tiny!

Saturday 1 September 2012

Back in Action!

Study now complete - shelves fixed up and new desks in place.Will try and get the Brunswick light brigade completed for the weekend.