Friday, 16 July 2010

10mm Redline French Guard Lancer

I painted up one of them fully just to see how they will turn out. I must say this little fellow took just under 1 hour to complete! I did stop for a few minutes to double check the computer for uniform details but was expecting to finish him much quicker than I actually did.

I ran out of my normalblack vallejo primer and used a very old tin of Tamiya fine grey primer. It shows the colours up much better but of course leaves small light coloured gaps where I missed details. had I used the black this would not have been a problem.

Anyway what do you think?


  1. Very nice job lots of detail but i have to aggree about using grey you can see the lighter paint where you have missed edges i would use the black but still he looks amazing keep up the great painting

  2. Thanks Galpy...some chaos black on its way. Although I normally use vallejo black spray, I find the GW chaos black has a light sheen that reveals small details. Just what I need for this scale.


  3. Very nice Ken,
    Loks like a 20mm figure not a 10mm. I do like the 10mm figures. Loads of room on the table.

  4. Yeah, I saw your ACW 10mm stuff and it looked good but didn't think the napoleonic period would lend itself to 10mm what with all that lace etc.