Thursday, 30 December 2010

Prussian Artillery - new and old

Completed basing the prussians last night and took some photos today after the PVA dried. They  are based on two different sizes of MDF, the AB artillery which I finished some months ago are on smaller sized 30x50 bases but looked a bit cramped so I moved to 40x50.

The only thing I've done differently this time is to paint the edge of the bases the same colour as the main colour of the soil and rocks. Looks bettter I think and I can't really figure out what got into to me to paint the edges green on all the hundreds of other bases completed in the past!.

So we have two Warmodelling horse artillery guns, the quality of the crew castings are not so fine but the cannons are quite good. Then we have four AB guns quality excellent. Finally we have six Old Glory artillery peices, guns not so good (a bit small) but the crew are fine.


  1. Nice job, I like the grass standing up effect.

  2. Really nice Ken,
    That's the 1st AB Prussian artillery I have seen painted. Like the new edges of your bases they make a big difference.

  3. Thanks for the kind words!