Monday, 4 April 2011

Westphalian Landwehr

While waiting for the slave labour (kids) to complete their quotas I managed to finish off 96 Fantassin landwehr miniatures. I'm building 16 man battalions so I can field more units and hopefully find a set of rules that allows large scale battles. Here we have two regiments with 3 battalions apeice. Depending on the rules I can always have two units of four bases with some spare command bases.

The flags are by AB and are green to represent the state colours of westphalia. The regiments are identified by the two different flag patterns (solid white cross and outline white cross with a laurel pattern on reverse) . To represent 1st battalions I have a mounted commander, 2nd battalions have two drummers (assuming you can't make out the white, red and yellow lapels).


  1. Excellent Ken,
    Really impressive!

  2. Nicely painted, love the flags, I've not seen that design before.

  3. Cheers lads, I'm crazy I'll never be able to get them all on a tabletop!

    I think with a lot of landwehr flags they are guestimates - however if the regions of Prussia went to the trouble of providing facing colours for their infantry perhaps they may have done the same for the flags?


  4. Great looking units! Job well done!