Monday, 27 June 2011

7th Hussars

I tried painting a gloss enamel varnish over the fogged out troopers but to no avail - so I just ended up spending about 2-3 hours repainting the worst of it. They dont look too bad, and next time I'll be more wary on how and when I spray varnish!

I took some liberties with the campaign trousers, these should be green with a yellow stripe. However, I felt this would make them a bit too similar to the chassuers a' cheval so to make them more colourful and distinctive I painted them red with a yellow stripe. In all fairness they did wear hungarian breeches that were red, but these were normally with the fancy boots.


  1. I think they look fine. I'd have been stressed if the can had done that to me! I stick to Vallejo. As long as it gets a good shake it's fine. I do find it can lose a little of the matt when you get to the end of the can though.

    Live and learn... :)

  2. They look fine to me as well Ken, you did well recovering them from their disaster, I would probably have thrown a paddy and chucked them in the bin.

  3. Good day! Good figurki.Proizvoditel who? Beautiful color.

  4. They have ended up looking great. good work.

  5. Thanks again lads. I'm going to chuck the GW spray in the bin!

  6. beautiful looking - well done mate

  7. That was a killer Ken,
    The look really smart though Ken.