Thursday, 23 June 2011

GW varnish problem

Finished the 7th hussars last night and tried to varnish them using GW spray varnish. Unfortunately, this stuff is a lot more delicate than my usual vallejo spray and didn't take to the cold and a bit damp conditions last night. The result was horrible, the figures appear to be coated in a frost or foggy material. I found out from various sources that this is wax used in satin/matte sprays and cold/damp conditions bring it in. I should have just sprayed one figure with it being an unfamiler product - but there you go.

I'm trying one peice of advice which is the technqiue of using enamel gloss on the affected figures, leave to dry and then cover with a matte spray. I'm part way through this on one figure, just waiting for gloss coat to dry. However, I couldn't stand the wait and have repainted the most affected bits of the remaining 11 figures.

I dont know if you can make out the 'frost' from the pictures. But on the milk bottle tops its quite noticable. My fault but I'm bloody annoyed!


  1. Oh dear.....I don't know what else to suggest???
    Good luck!

  2. Heart breaking stuff. I hope the gloss coat does the trick.

  3. damn that is crap, sorry to hear I am not the only one that has had this problem. I switched to either The Army Painter Anti shine or Testors dull coat, however you do need to be a little careful on how close and how much you spray on with the Testors. My advise to you would be to put an clear coat on very, very lightly for a couple of coats with about 1/2 hours between coats, but this will depend on temp and humidity...

  4. Thanks chaps - in the end I just repainted the worst affected bits.