Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Work in progress

Next on my list of things to do are some AB French dragoons (at rest pose), these will have yellow facings to distinguish them from the red and pink regiments. Depending on how I feel I may progress on with a horde of Prussian hussars (AB) or a batch of three battalions of Portuguese line infantry (OG).

I also received a couple of packets of OG Peninsula British Elite pose in 'at ready' and 'march attack' in stovepipe shako, I'll think I'll stick with the march attack pose as it looks decent enough.  I would like to use AB's for all my infantry but OG is the cheaper and more doable option.


  1. Great stuff Ken,
    You are turning into a 1 man painting factory!

    That is some amount of figures you have done lately. I am 99% through an AB French Battalion (only need to do the eagle). Other than that my output has been poor.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Yeah, I've hada good run recently, but there have been times when weeks go by without lifting the brush. To be fair your output is of a much better quality than mine and I'm always uplifted when I see your work.



  3. Keep plugging away Ken, AB's are great looking figures, but a bit damaging on the wallet!!