Tuesday, 4 June 2013

1st battalion Belgian Infantry

These are OG 15mm British infantry figures wearing the belgic shako in the march attack pose and the flag is from GMB. Not much to comment on but I will say there is a lot of white in this uniform! Crossbelts, plumes, collars, cuffs and epaulettes! This battalion formed part of Perponchers Dutch-Belgian division that held Quatre-bras on the 16th June.

Primed and waiting on my desk I have three more units of the same figures intended to be painted up as Kings German Legion. One unit of OG Highlanders, along with CGM Dutch and Brunswick artillery. Finally, two units of French light infantry (skirmish pose). If I can clear these then I will make a start on some AB Guard light cavalry, i.e the red lancers and chasseurs a' cheval. The Russians can wait.


  1. Nice unit Ken. As were the last couple posts. Especially like the guns!
    Good to see you painting Naps again after the Ayton frenzy.


  2. Very nice work Ken!!

  3. Nicely done Ken,
    What Russians are you planning?

  4. Thank you! It is refreshing to be back into Naps.

    Paul, the Russians are OG line infantry at six units of 24 men. A couple of units each of Cuirassiers,Cossacks and hussars, all are Warmodelling figures (Fantassin).

    I will probably go for warmodelling grenadiers and Pavlovs. for some reason the OG figures lack the blanket roll around the chest.

  5. Those look very nice Ken. You have two years to go before the big anniversary so plenty of time to crack on with 100 Days Campaign battalions. Do alternate when painting - Brits one week, French the next?

    I'm impressed with those OG British infantry figures - they look nice and determined (but not tripping over something which is unusual for OG!)

  6. Thanks LittleArmies, it varies. Sometimes I paint alternative nations and sometimes I try to complete a whole brigade.

  7. More top painting Ken and another 'interesting' unit with plenty of 'animated' figures. You really are whetting our appetites for this QB game aren't you?! Only a little over two years for us to wait?!